What makes a song “christian”?  Is it a certain genre, a certain tempo, or certain instrumentation?  No.  What makes a song christian is its lyrics.

At CCPC, our desire is to use music that feeds the soul, music that draws us into the message of the gospel.  Music is one more way to teach our souls to sing and rejoice in the good news, that Jesus died on the cross as our substitution, to pay our price for sin and rebellion.

And, our children deserve nothing less.  Our goal is to use music to help their young souls sing with joy and gratefulness.  As a result, we have been introducing music to our kids that is musically appropriate and lyrically rich.

These hymns have been selected to aid you and your child in understanding and celebrating Jesus’ work on the cross.  Download them and use them in family worship.  You can sing them together, or you can read them as a starting meditation for your family devotions.  Enjoy!