Central Kids

The mission of Central Kids is to equip children with the
Word of God to be ambassadors in their homes, schools, and in all other
areas of their lives. Our vision is to foster in each child a love of God and the dedication and desire to worship Him.


Nursery & Early Childhood

In our Nursery and Early Childhood ministries, young children are valued and welcomed to meet with God through the teaching of the Scriptures. During our Sunday classes, children will sing, dance, create, pray and be introduced to God through stories in the Scriptures.

Younger & Older Elementary 

In our Elementary ministries, we continue to a build a foundation of faith by teaching through the Old and New Testament and to show how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center. During Sundays, children will attend a large group Children's Service where they will sing, dance, and hear the teaching from God's Word. Children will then gather in small groups by grades to talk about the teaching, memorize Scripture, and pray together. 

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