Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders was established in 2003 by several Christians of Korean and Chinese descent who felt a burden for the North Korean people during a time of severe famine and starvation. During and following the Great North Korean Famine from 1995 to 1998, there has been a large exodus of refugees from the country.

Abuse of North Korean refugees in China is rampant as they are labeled illegal economic migrants. North Koreans in hiding in China have no human rights or legal protection. There are no laws protecting North Koreans from exploitation, trafficking, or even murder. Chinese authorities actively seek out vulnerable North Korean refugees to be repatriated and sent to labor camps where they will face execution. It is believed that there are currently 200,000 North Korean refugees in China. Approximately 70 percent of these refugees are women, and 80 percent of these women are trafficked through black markets for North Korean brides.

The mission of Crossing Borders is to show the compassion of Christ to North Koreans and their children.

Crossing Borders is a Christian, faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit that offers assistance to North Korean refugees and their children whether or not they accept the same religious beliefs.

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