Kevin & Jan Rutledge

Kevin and Jan Rutledge are serving in Frankfurt, Germany. With a German-speaking mother church, their vision is to plant a new church in a lower-income neighborhood. Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany. The goal is to have both Germans and internationals learning about Jesus together.

The Rutledges lived in Germany years ago as students and are comfortable with the culture and language. As English teachers, their hope is to use teaching and any other means of relationship-building to share the good news of Jesus Christ. They hope to connect to the refugees in the area who are over the initial "honeymoon" stage of fleeing to safety in 2015 and are now struggling to adapt to their new culture.

Jan’s hobbies are reading, writing, knitting, and quilting. Kevin’s are playing drums and guitar, swimming, and reading biographies. Kevin holds the M.Div. and M.Ed./TESL degrees and Jan holds an M.Ed. in TESL. They have three grown daughters who live in Virginia and NYC. 

Kevin and Jan need continual prayer for their personal relationship with Jesus Christ daily, their relationships with non-Christians in the Frankfurt region, and their relationships with believers in the mother church. Please pray specifically as it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that many nations represented in Frankfurt will become open to the gospel.

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