Christ Central Institute

Christ Central Institute

Christ Central Institute (CCI) exists to equip and mature Christ-centered disciples through theological education for the purposes of training the church body to love God with our minds, engage one another with our hearts, and serve the world with our hands. CCI seeks to do that through a variety of learning environments, from one-time forums and weekend conferences to multi-week structured classes, all focused on Christian education and spiritual formation.

Core Classes

CCI offers four core classes to help form foundations of Christ belief and practice. These classes are anywhere from 4-6 week long structured classes that we hope everyone. especially members of Christ Central will complete at some point. Introduction to Reformed Theology Life in the Church Life with Christ Life in the WorldAdditionally, we offer classes on various topics that are needed and relevant to the life of our church.

Biblical Studies

CCI offers studies in the books of the Bible with the goal of training the body to read, interpret and apply the text in a way that cultivates a love for God and his Word.


CCI offers one-time forums (i.e. workshops, seminars) and weekend conferences to provide opportunities for the church to be equipped and trained in an essential area of spiritual formation.