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The Global Missions Ministry educates and inspires the congregation with God's heart for the nations, as well as the movement of churches worldwide.





"And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"
Matthew 28:28-19, ESV

Featured Missionaries

Dale & Sunny Cho
Dale & Sunny Cho

Southeast Asia Missionaries


John received a call to missions in middle school while serving on summer missions with his church youth group (Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church). He knew he wanted to become a missionary because the gospel was the greatest gift he’s ever received, and now he wants to spend his life sharing that gift with others. He followed the call to missions by going to Cambodia on two short-term trips and as a one-year intern with MTW in 2017–18, teaching English, living in the church dorms with Khmer college students, and serving the church in the village. After those trips, he fell in love with the country and its people and saw the need for the gospel there.

Now, John is preparing to go back to Cambodia, specifically to Angk’jeay, the village he’s been to many times already; but this time he’ll return as a long-term missionary. He will serve at a village church plant with another missionary family in student outreach, teaching English, and discipleship. Please pray for John’s ministry with the people of Cambodia, that many would come to know Jesus.


Tim immigrated to the U.S. when his father accepted a pastorate in San Francisco. As a youth he was rebellious but came to faith in Christ during college. After receiving his B.A. at UC Berkeley and M.Div. at Westminster Theological Seminary, Tim was ordained a PCA teaching elder. Moonsook was the first to attend church in her family, often gathering friends to join her. She graduated from Young Nam University (South Korea) and became a teacher. Tim and Moonsook met in Korea and married in 2005.

The Lims followed Christ to Cambodia in 2012 in response to God’s call. Because of the Pol Pot regime and the ensuing civil wars, 50 percent of Cambodians are under the age of 21. Workers are needed to train young Cambodian Christians to become leaders who would build the church, nation, and society. As the MTW director of theological education for Southeast Asia, Tim has been addressing this need in the region by producing theological curriculum for Asian contexts, teaching in Bible schools, discipling national leaders, and supporting national church plants. Future plans include developing vocational outreach ministries through Korean or English teaching.

East Asia Missionaries


Crossing Borders was established in 2003 by several Christians of Korean and Chinese descent who felt a burden for the North Korean people during a time of severe famine and starvation. During and following the Great North Korean Famine from 1995 to 1998, there has been a large exodus of refugees from the country.

Abuse of North Korean refugees in China is rampant as they are labeled illegal economic migrants. North Koreans in hiding in China have no human rights or legal protection. There are no laws protecting North Koreans from exploitation, trafficking, or even murder. Chinese authorities actively seek out vulnerable North Korean refugees to be repatriated and sent to labor camps where they will face execution. It is believed that there are currently 200,000 North Korean refugees in China. Approximately 70 percent of these refugees are women, and 80 percent of these women are trafficked through black markets for North Korean brides.

The mission of Crossing Borders is to show the compassion of Christ to North Koreans and their children.

Crossing Borders is a Christian, faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit that offers assistance to North Korean refugees and their children whether or not they accept the same religious beliefs.


As a missionary kid in Japan, Carly grasped Japan’s deep need for Jesus—95 percent have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. She met Matt there in 1999 while he was serving as a short-term intern with MTW. During his time there, God gave him a desire to return for long-term ministry. In 2005 God brought them together in marriage and laid a burden on their hearts to share the love of Christ with the Japanese.

Matt and Carly are part of a new MTW church-planting work in Chiba City, where there is much opportunity for the gospel to bring hope to the 1 million people who live there. They hope to engage and disciple young people on and off the college campus. Part of their work also includes coming alongside many first-generation Christians to mentor and encourage them in their walks with the Lord. Join them in praying that God will use this to have a profound impact on the future of Japan, and that someday the Japanese Church will send many laborers into the world.

Western Europe Missionaries


On their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Robert and Joanne traveled to Spain and unexpectedly fell in love with the people and the culture. Over the next five years, the need of the church there and the spiritual darkness of the culture impressed itself upon them until God’s call could no longer be set aside. God has equipped the Tanzies through decades of ministry in multi-cultural congregations in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Boston. Joanne comes to the team with a degree in biblical studies and a master’s in early childhood education with which she has taught special needs children. Having completed a major in European history from Geneva College, Robert graduated from Westminster Seminary with an emphasis in apologetics. With their Team Madrid companions, the Tanzies have been assisting in church planting, leadership training, and evangelism.

Robert and Joanne have two grown children, Kristen and Nathan who live in New York City and Quincy, Mass., respectively. Please pray for the Tanzies that the Lord of the Church will use them and the Madrid Team to bring the good news of Jesus´ grace to the people of Spain.


Through Mission to the World, Dale and Sunny were called to Madrid, Spain. Dale has an M.A. in Christian Thought from Biblical Theological Seminary. Dale grew up in Paraguay and was a missionary to Mexico, making him personally acquainted with the Latin culture and well-versed in the Spanish language. Sunny holds an M.A. in counseling from Biblical Seminary. She is experienced with providing therapeutic services to children and families.

North America Missionaries


Every day, countless people are trafficked into slavery, as slave owners make a profit off their vulnerability.

International Justice Mission is a global organization with a solution to end it.


Currently Serving with Christian Embassy, Washington D.C team. We are reaching thousands of Diplmatic, Political, and Miliatry Leaders in Washington D.C. Area.

Immigrated from Korea to US in 1983 at age 16. Received Jesus Christ as Savior in 1984. Graduated with B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, then joined as a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ in 1991. Served in campus ministries in Pennsylvania, Washington DC. Earned Master of Divinity in 1996. Then, served in Osaka, Japan from 2004 to minister to college students. In 2007 moved to Singapore to minister to missionaries from Asian countries. In December 2008, joined East Asia Team (Associate Operations Director)to serve needs of hundreds of field missionaries.

Enjoys reading, spending time with family, and traveling to meet other missionaries.

Michelle (Myung Suk)

Serving with Christian Embassy with Mark. She is focusing on reaching wives of Diplomats.

Grew up in Korea and graduated with BA in Sociology in Busan, Korea. Joined as missionary with CCC in Korea in 1986. Served as missionary to college students, then as a trainer of new missionaries. In 1992 sent from Korea to US to minister to Korean-American students in Seattle, Washington. Met Mark on various conferences and finally married in 1995 (& earned Master of Christian Ministry same year). Served with Mark to minister to students in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Osaka, Japan.

In Singapore she is actively mentoring other CCC missionary wives, ministering to needs of other school moms at our children’s school, and hosting missionary guests.

Our journey to follow God’s calling has taken us to various parts of the world from Korea, several States in US, then Japan. Thank you for your faithful prayers and sacrificial giving!